Franke A600FM Super Automatic Coffee Machine

Easy to use, intuitive, 8″ interactive touchscreen allows for almost unlimited drink creation options including cold drinks with cold foam.

1 gallon milk fridge with proprietary Foam Master technology creates perfect milk foam

The Clean Master fully automated integrated cleaning system makes for the easiest cleaning on the market

Rated for 150 cups per day

Great for self-service scenario – c-stores, retail, offices, education, hotels, hospitals, & more

This machine is your key to a virtually limitless range of flavorful specialty coffee and milk beverages, from the perfect latte macchiato to a classic espresso, a refreshing strawberry milk drink and much more. Unbeatable in service and self-service operation A crystal-clear touch screen with three user interfaces to choose from makes the Franke A600 an exceptional solution for service or self-service operation.

is good enough an all-round performer, making coffee just the way you like it.. Here is an overview of the wonderful possibilities the A600 offers: Achieve additional sales through the easy placement of advertising messages and images on the display Unlimited varieties with cold and hot milk, cold and hot milk foam All products from the world of coffee, in a quality that will delight any coffee lover Two different chocolates from the powder hoppers.

* Intuitive 8″ touchscreen with unlimited drink options.
* IQ Flow to maintain perfect shot consistency
* Variable foam consistency with hot or cold foam
* 2 x 2.5lb bean hoppers
* 1 powder dosing system (typically for cocoa)
* Milk fridge (1 Gallon)
* Auto-outlet adjust to programed cup size



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