Grindmaster G Dual Hopper Airpot Grind and Brew Coffee Grinder and Automatic Brewer

Used in excellent condition.

Digitally controlled Dual Bean Grind* Brew Brewer System.

Brewer will maintain brew temperature to ±1ºF throughout brew cycle.

Brew temperature, brew volume (full and half batch), grind portions (right and left hopper, full and half batch), operator-defined pre-infusion/pulse brewing, energy savings and Low Temp/

No Brew are programmable from the front display.

Model-20H: 120V / 1710W / 15A

Hopper Size 6-1/2 lbs. (2.93 kg) each

Brew Capacity 74 oz. (2.2L)

Weight 90 lbs. (40.5 kg)

Left to Right: 9 1/2″
Front to Back: 24 1/4″
Height: 37 1/2″

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