Grindmaster Precisionbrew PB-430 Twin Shuttle Coffee Brewer

New condition.
Model PB-430 is a twin, digitally controlled brewer.
It includes (2) radiant heat, air-insulated 1.5 gallon , ACS-1 Shuttles.
Precise Brew Temperature
Brewer will maintain the brew temperature to 1°F or 0.5°C throughout brew cycle.
Allows brew cycle to begin only if water has reached optimum brew temperature
Cycle Counter
The brewer counts the number of brew cycles for preventative maintenance
Programming Lock-Out
The brewer settings can be “locked” to prevent tampering
Brew Basket Lock
The brew basket(s) are locked-in-place during the brew cycle

Width: 18″
Depth: 18″
Height: 30″

For more information please download the specs

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