Henny Penny GMC Gas Combi Oven

Used in good condition.

The CombiMaster gives you the capability for nearly all traditional cooking methods in a single piece of equipment!

Sample dishes

• Mise en place

Tomatoes concassé, garnishes (vegetables, fruit), mushrooms, blanching juliennes and brunoises, blanching vegetables for stuffings, roulades etc.,
peeling onions and chestnuts.

• Starters

Scrambled eggs, poached eggs, hard-boiled eggs, asparagus, vegetable flans, stuffed vegetables (onions, kohlrabi, leeks, celery, etc.).

• Soup garnishes

Dumplings, ravioli, vegetable royale

Main courses

Boiled beef, cured ham, knuckle of pork, tongue, boiling fowl, turkey legs, meat in aspic, fish.

Side dishes

Risotto/rice, dumplings, pasta (noodles), fresh and frozen vegetables, vegetable casseroles, potato roulade, boiled/jacket potatoes.

• Desserts

Fresh or frozen fruit (e.g. hot raspberries), stewed fruit, rice pudding.

Model CMG 101
Natural Gas
75.000 BTU
81000 Hot Air Pulse


Moist Heat 212°F (100°C)

Dry Heat 86-575°F (30-300°C)

Combi-Steam 86-575°F (30-300°C)

Control Mode switch

Tender Steaming 86-210°F (30-99°C)

Finishing® 86-575°F (30-300°C)

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