Hobart AWS-1LR Automatic Meat Grocery Wrapper Wrapping Scale System

Used in great condition.

The Access Wrapping System was designed as a meat room or produce back room wrapper.

It gives you merchandising capabilities with multiple fonts, graphics, and label types.


Hobart automatic wrapper allows you to connect to the Internet and your store’s website easily. Use it to see weekly or daily information, employee schedules, new product information and more.


Hobart automatic wrapper allows users to search the database by PLU or by partial description—even with just the first four letters. They can also search by approximate PLU number

Hobart automatic wrappers can handle and weigh larger, taller and wider packages and process trays. They eliminate the need to weigh and label packages at a remote hand-wrap station.
Package Handling Size:10” X 16”

The maximum tray width is 15″ and the maximum length is 10″.
The minimum tray width is 5″ and the minimum length is 4″.

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