Hobart HRO 505 Rotisserie Double Stack Oven

This Rotisserie Oven feature stainless steel interior and exterior for ease of cleaning. Rotating, self-basting spits and flat baking racks and combination convection and radiant heat provide thorough cooking and even browning yet eliminate hot spots.
The grease drawer has a drain plug for elimination of excess fat and can be completely removed
for cleaning. Oven controls provide “Manual” or “Automatic” (timer controlled) operation where the END TIME or PROCESS TIME can be preset.
Tempered glass doors, both front and back, and quartz lighting promote visual appeal and stimulate customer interest.
Hobart HRO 550
Volts -208 -240
Hz -60
Phase -3
Amps -70


*Chicken, Whole, -2 lb
*Termostat – 350 – 375 (°F)
*Time- (HH:MM) – 1:30 – 2:00
*Internal Temperature ) – 180 – 185 (°F)
*Capacity- 56 – 70 birds

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