Moretti Forni 2 Deck Electric Bakery Pizza Oven Serie P Classic

Used in Excellent Condition.

Model : RHL18BZUL/ RHL80B

Volts: 240






Proofer : v-240,ph-1, Hz-60, pr-0411, kg-91

Two(2) independently powered baking chamber, a stand proofing cabinet comprises.

Temperature adjustment is electronic, with independent control of the ceiling and floor heating elements. The oven door is hinged at the bottom, with a tempered glass window to check the state of the product while it is cooking.

The support comprises a painted metal structure, whereas the leavening compartment has a stainless steel structure and is
fitted with a heating thermostat.

The proofer compartment can reach a maximum temperature of 65°C (150°F), whereas the maximum temperature of the baking
chamber is 450°C (840°F).

Size:161cm x 128cm

N of trays per deck- 4 (60×40)

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