Vaihinger Sanomat Whipped Cream Machine

Used, in great condition.

• No waiting times, stable whipped cream with a high volume produced in optimal hygiene condition• Casing made of stainless steel
• Automatic dosing system
• Ready-to-plug and use
• Simple handling

Intensive refrigeration down to the dispensing unit

On-/off-switch for the device and the refrigeration system

  • The premium-quality pump made of stainless steel
  • Removable cream container
  • Disinfection cleaning by flushing automatism
  • Precisely adjustable air volume with the help of a fine-tuning valve

Width: 300 mm
Depth: 440 mm
Height: 485 mm
Weight: 39 kg
Production capacity: 1 liter of raw cream in 35 seconds.

$ Call 289 993 5999


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