Zumex Orange Juicer

Zumex Orange Juicer  Versatile Pro
The feeder capacity is 22 lb. of fruit.
Zumex Versatile Self-Service PRO programmable juicer allows the operator to simply push one button and continue to serve customers as the juicer will squeeze the programmed number of fruits and will automatically stop.

Touch Control: The Pro’s digital display allows operators to conveniently adjust and adapt several modes of use such as the number of fruit squeezed and language displays amongst many other settings.
Self Service or Professional: Operate according to your needs by selecting between Professional or Self Service modes. Self service allows users to prepare juice by themselves by simply pressing the tap and squeezing directly into the glass or jug, while Professional mode allows operators to extract the juice automatically, by placing the tap in continuous service position and programming the desired number of pieces to squeeze.
Easy Clean-Up: Equipped with built-in waste containers to facilitate the removal of peels and waste.
Capable of squeezing up to 22 oranges per minute, the Versatile Pro is unmatched in pace and is able to keep up with the fast pace and high demand of businesses without sacrificing a drop of quality.

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