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Tricked into Drinking DecafCoffee!

Last night, I was talking to my mom before I went to bed (really something not out of the ordinary. I talk to her at least an hour a day). While talking, we we're just discussing about my current health condition, how I'm getting better, cutting back/quitting smoking and all but then she asked me this question, "Keith, did you have any caffeine today?"

I was sitting at my desk, readying myself to take my medication, and told her, "Yeah Mom; my morning cup was Columbian."

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She laughed and said, "No that wasn't! It was decaf!'

Okay, I was seriously shocked when she said this because I'm used to having a 24oz cup of Columbian coffee with hazelnut creamer every morning! I told her, "Honestly, I didn't notice!" I couldn't help but think "Holy shit, I didn't have caffeine today?"

Of course, my mom laughed about the whole thing. She lit up a cigarette (although she knows I'm trying to quit) and asked again, "So, did you have caffeine today?"

I was laughing as well when I said, "No, I didn't! My last few cups we're all decaf!"

Wow, I went a whole day yesterday without caffeine and barely any cigarettes (I'm still cutting down, but I'm down to low single digits!). I won't lie to everyone: I actually felt really calm yesterday; however, my legs we're still weak and they gave out last night when I was walking to the bathroom. Although I had no caffeine in my body the whole day (that still shocks me!), my legs continue to get that tingling/numbing sensation and are still pretty weak; however, I'm walking much better! With me cutting back on the caffeine and cigarettes is helping my Generalized Anxiety disorder, but not with what's going on with my legs.

Well, I'm happy that my mom tricked me into drinking decaf because I already feel calmer and a lot of my friends are saying that I act much calmer now too. Although all these changes this week are helping with my anxiety and depression, I still need some more answers for my legs! Let's see what the end of the week brings and, hopefully, there'll be some answers and changes after going a week just on decaf and a week with barely any cigarettes.

Now then, since this is an autoethnography, I do want to ask you all a couple questions:

1. Have you ever been tricked into doing something that changed your life for the better? If yes, how? If yes, but not for the better, how? Can you relate?

2. I drink coffee because I love the taste of it; in line with this, drinking decaf coffee still tastes great! So, is there this one thing you love to have, but have to consume a substitute to not get any side effects? (Like, if you drank regular coffee and switched to decaf, did you have to change so you won't be affected by the caffeine?)

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