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Down the road at the local Coles, there's a woman with the patience of a saint.

She's the self-service checkout chick, guarding her beeping, robotically-talking, bag-sided friends against people who are technologically incompetent. Like me.

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I hate self-serve checkouts. In fact, I loathe them with a vengeance bordering on the hatred most footy fans have for Collingwood. And I don't even like football.

But, on occasion, I've been cajoled into using self-serve by my kids who, being of the tech-generation, think they're fun. Either that or the queues where you can pay our grocery money to a real live human are just way too long.

In those instances you can see me shuffling reluctantly towards one of these touch-screen trouble-makers, muttering things like flaming machines putting people out of jobs before insolently back-chatting the robot-woman who says pleasant things like please place items in the bagging area. (OK! I'm doing it, alright!)

But what really took the biscuit recently at the aforementioned Coles, was when the robot-woman said unexpected item in the bagging area please wait for assistance. The saint-like woman the human one floated immediately to my side, swiped a magic card, pressed a few buttons and we we're back on track.

For a few seconds, at least. Next thing I heard was the same robotic words followed by my kids going OMG Mum, what did you do now?

Again, saint-like assistance was forthcoming. She smiled, swiped and pressed.

In all and I kid you not it happened six times. Six times I was rescue by my check-out saviour (although her smile was wearing thin towards the end).

So I'm steering clear of self-serve from now on. I figure there's only so much technical incompetence one check-out saint can stand.

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