Cambro Glass Racks

Cambro Glass Racks

This Camrack is perfect for washing, storing, and transporting large diameter beverage glasses, red wine stems, goblets, most rocks glasses, and other items.

Camrack is made of long-lasting polypropylene. Their easy-to-handle design features a 1/2″ overlap and smooth sides.

  •  Wash, store and safely transport stemware and tumblers.
  • Open inside compartments ensure thorough cleaning.
  • Closed external walls keep fingers and contaminants out.
  • Smooth sides and rounded corners reduce the risk of injury.
  • Easy-to-grip, rounded handles on all four sides provide comfortable handling.
  • Smooth top rim ensures quick, stable stacking.
  • Durable, long-lasting polypropylene will withstand chemicals and high temperatures up to 200°F (93,3°C).
  • Full size racks are standard size 19 3/4″ x 19 3/4″ (50 x 50 cm).
  • Inter-stacks with all other competitive racks.
  • Fits through any commercial dishwasher.

Overall: 19 3/4″L x 19 3/4″W x 10 1/2″H
Compartments : 3 1/2″L x 3 1/2″W x 8 1/2″H

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