Gravity Flow and Spoon Bins for Bulk Product

Used and New Bulk Product Bins
Gravity Flow Bins : 6″ x 18″
Width: 6″ (15cm)
Height :18″ (46cm)
Depth :11″ (28cm)
Capacity :3.5 gal (13L)

Scoop bins :8″ x 17″
Width :8″ (20cm)
Height :13″ (33cm)
Depth :17″ (43cm)
Capacity “4.5 gal (17L)

-Top Shelf for Gravity Bins: 48 inches ( fit in Regular Gondola Shelving)
-Shelf Beam 48 inch Bracket with Arms for Scoop Bins ( fit in regular shelving)

Manufactory : Trade Fixtures Retail Merchandising ( USA)

$ Call 289 993 5999


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