Southbend KTLG-20 20 gal Tilting Gas Steam Kettle

Used 20 Gal Gas Steam Kettle

A gas-powered steam kettle is a time and money saving investment for any foodservice operation, especially if it includes a helpful tilting mechanism.

The 20 gal Tilting Gas Steam Kettle (KTLG-20) from Southbend is a durable stainless steel steam kettle featuring a 2/3 jacketed kettle and hinged stainless cover.

The interior of this model is constructed from one-piece, welded stainless steel with a two-inch tangent draw-off valve. Standard controls on this steam kettle include a low water indicator light, direct immersion thermometer, pressure gauge, cooking light and a water sight glass.

Constructed from exceptionally durable 304 stainless steel.  The hinged stainless cover helps save energy, Tilting mechanism allows the kettle to tilt a full 90 for complete emptying, Hemispheric kettle design provides even and consistent heat distribution, Low water cut-off valve, and indicator automatically turn off the steamer in an emergency for improved safety.

  • Commercial gas steam tilting kettle
  • 40 1/8 in (H) x 48 1/8 in (W) x 40 5/8 in (Depth)
  • 20 gal capacity
  • Stainless steel interior liner, 2/3 jacketed and stainless steel exterior
  • Supported on 1 5/8 in (Diameter) stainless steel legs
  • 80,000 BTU
  • 150° to 275°F temperature range at 50 PSI max
  • Standard controls include direct immersion thermostat, water sight glass, cooking light, pressure gauge and electronic ignition
  • Safety features include low water cut off, pressure relief valve, pressure switch and 100% safety gas shutoff valve
  • Kettle pivots on trunnion connected to the tilt mechanism
  • Kettle tilts forward 90° for complete emptying
  • NSF certified
  • For more information please check the specs




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