Traulsen RBC200 Roll-In 200 lb Blast Chiller

Traulsen RBC200 Roll-In 200 lb Blast Chiller.

Like all blast chillers, Traulsen’s model RBC200 is designed to quickly cool their respective capacity of hot product through the HACCP danger zone as fast, or faster, than any other equivalent brand on the market (approximately 90-minutes).

Easy-to-use controls,

Automatic HACCP documentation, and a variety of operator-friendly features, such as our exclusive “By-Product” chill mode.

On-Board Batch Data Printer

Three (3) Chilling Functions 1) Blast Chill (135 to below 41F in approx. 90-minutes) 2) Soft Chill (for use with delicate products such as fresh seafood and produce) 3) Freeze (target temp can be set for as low as -22F)

Three (3) Chilling Modes For Each Chilling Functions 1) By Temperature 2) By Product 3) By Time Automatic Refrigerated Hold Mode After Each Cycle.

For more information please check the specs

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