Henny Penny ECC Combi Oven with Roll in Rack

Henny Penny oven used moist heat and dry heat,either separately or in combination,to produce the ideal cooking conditions for a wide variety of foods.
• Steaming/Moist heat: 86-266°F (30-130°C) Low and high-temperatures steaming.
• Convection cooking/Dry heat:
Electric: 86-572°F (30-300°C)
Combination/Dry and moist heat:
86-482°F (30-250°C).
• Rethermalizing /Dry and moist heat 86-356°F (30-180°C )
The ECC/21 has a capacity of  (20) full-size steam table pans,
2 ½ in. (65 mm) deep, or (20) Crosswise Plus pans and grids.




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