HOBART CROWN Electric Countertop Steamer

HOBART CROWN Electric Countertop Steamer

Requires no water or drain line connections (manual fill and manual drain).

Steam Cooking
The PX series steamer provides timed or continuous mode cooking in a “pressure-less” compartment.

The small physical size of the steamer offers an efficient way to produce many foods in small batches.

Pressure-less, convection steam cooking will steam cook fresh food, will steam, defrost and cook frozen foods providing the maximum color, flavor and nutritional value with the least expenditure of energy and labor. The “pressure-less” cooking compartment allows the operator to open and close the door, any time during a cooking cycle.
Model  PX-3 – 3 pan capacity.

Exterior Dimensions
PX-3 – 21″ w x 25″ d x 25″ h

Used in great condition.

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