Savage Automatic Kettle Bowl Lift Tilt Truck

Savage Automatic Kettle Bowl Lift Tilt Truck

Model C

Load capacity: 450 lbs (200kg)
Made in USA
The “LifTIL Truk” is a safe one person lift and pour solution to handling heavy mixing bowls. 12VVDC powered hydraulic lifts for pours from table-top up to 104″ / 2640 mm. Conveniently lift and pour from anywhere.
Column height 100 inch
Overall height 106 inch
Base dimensions 39inch x48 inch

The lift includes and on-board battery charger for overnight recharging using standard voltage. Power cord free for lifting and pouring.
Lifts up to 60 gallons (200L) and up to 450 lbs. (200 kg)
One person operation
Push-button 12VDC powered lift
Easy-rolling with industrial casters & push handles
No power cords
Tilt and pour at any point along the vertical column
Push-button controlled tilting



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