Henny Penny Classic Combi Gas Oven Model CCG2120

Combi ovens are an excellent choice for high-volume kitchens where menu choices are varied, but space is always a premium

Henny Penny Classic gas combi oven cooks with steaming/moist heat, convection/dry heat, or a combination of dry and moist heat, and holding up to 20 full-size sheet pans or 40 full-size steam table gastronomic pans crosswise on roll-in oven rack.

Four basic cooking modes employ a variety of built-in functions in different ways.

Steaming/Moist heat:86-266°F (30-130°C)Low and high-temperature steaming.

Convection cooking/Dry heat:: 86-482°F (30-250°C)

Combination/Dry and moist heat:86-482°F (30-250°C).

Rethermalizing/Dry and moist heat:86-356°F (30-180°C)


Height :78.88 in (2004 mm)
Width 42.38 in (1076 mm)
Depth 32.00 in (813 mm)

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