Oven Burlodge Multigen3 Mobile Oven Cook-serve, Cook-chill, and Cook-freeze Food


Used in Excellent condition.

The Multigen Oven is a multi-portion point of service cart intended for another cook-serve, cook-chill, and cook-freeze food service applications.


As highly dependable and durable equipment that designed to handle the uncompromising pace of the high capacity food service industry, some of the more notable attributes of the Multigen include:

Dual oven technology which substantially improves food quality, temperature and presentation
Reduced energy consumption
Minimal heat loss
Cleaning Cycle
Temperature probe linked to the menu with degree accuracy

It would cook the food for you in 2 ovens, each able to take 8 full gastronome containers. It could regenerate the chilled or even frozen food in a space-saving, mobile and economic manner.
Made with heavy duty 316 stainless steel.

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