Bongard Hydraulic Dough Divider Mercure 3-20

The Mercure 3 divider is a machine for dividing dough into pieces and designed for professional use.

Equipped with a rectangular bowl (Mercure 3), the divider ensure optimal spreading of the dough, in order to guarantee the regularity and accuracy of each piece dough.

Mercure 3 20 : 20 divisions •

• Non-stick underside of lid

Double milled knife for a perfect cut

• Lid locked by drop-forged cam

• Pressure provided by a double acting hydraulic system

• Cast aluminum ram support frame

• Motors fitted with thermistors •

Trip switch with low power cut-out

• Motor powering a hydraulic pump fed by a 19 dm³ oil tank

• Chassis mounted on directional castors, two with brakes

• Epoxy painted (food grade) • bowl walls made of stainless steel

• The smooth surface (natural polyamide) of the single unit

•  Supply voltage: three phase

For more information please check the specs




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